About us

        In 2015 my life changed forever. I developed serious health complications due to a lack of self care. I worked long hours at a job I didn’t enjoy, and found myself skipping meals often. When I did take time to eat, I grabbed the first convenient unhealthy snack I could get my hands on. This continued way of life led to a digestive disorder, which made it difficult to perform the tasks of daily living. It took this unexpected illness to make me look at the person I'd become, and it was a painful sight to see. 

        I made a promise to myself from that point forward, it would be my life’s mission to treat my body, mind and spirit with the respect they deserve, and to help others do the same. From this promise the seed for Meraki was planted, which would soon sprout into a growing business. Meraki means to do something with the entirety of your soul, from a place of complete and total love. This word represents my deepest desire to see good health for you and all people. We become what we put into our bodies and minds, so let's consume nourishing, wholesome, and healthful thoughts and foods. 

        I’m committed to serving you only the absolute best ingredients, and promise never to compromise your health for profits. Your wellbeing is my number one priority, and always will be. I see the light in you and send you all the love in my heart. Together we can change the way we eat. 


        Preet Ahuja

        Owner and Founder of Meraki Super foods