Gift Box

Your family and friends deserve a special gift every year and never let the opportunity go out of your hands ever! Gifting season is on with festival season and what better than Meraki dried fruits? Celebrating a festival, you simply can’t say no to Meraki dried fruits so say yes and party with the best dried fruits in the world. We know how important it is to celebrate the festival in all its glory and rejoice with your friends and family so enjoy the sweet dishes and home cooked delicacies with Meraki Dried fruits. Don’t worry about overspending as we offer a wide range of gift boxes for all occasions and festivals. So whatever your needs are, we can fulfill your requirement.

MERAKI Blue Box 500gms
Meraki Craft Pack of 2 Jar
Meraki Craft Pack of 3 Jar
MERAKI Green Box 500gms pack of 2
MERAKI Green Box 600gms pack of 6
MERAKI Pink Box 300gms
MERAKI White Box 250gms pack of 1
MERAKI White Box 300gms pack of 3
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